Let’s dispense with all the formalities. You want a new job because the one you currently have is not going anywhere fast and not earning you what you are worth. Your boss is a bossy micro-manager, top management knows nothing, layoffs are imminent and you are tired of your coworkers stabbing you in the back.

Картинки по запросу "new job"

Both the year and the decade are coming to an end. Now is the perfect time to do something constructive and meaningful with your professional life. If there isn’t a benefit where you are, it’s time to move on to a better, higher-paying job where you are valued. There are two important points you need to focus on: your mindset and the nuts and bolts of the job search.

The first thing to do is to pull yourself together.

One of the biggest problems with job seekers is that they carry a lot of luggage. They are angry with what is going on in their current business and frustrated at being treated so badly.

When people feel resentment and bitterness towards their jobs, their companies, their colleagues, and their superiors, it is painfully obvious to others. Those involved in the interview process feel this hostility and it is off-putting. Intellectually, they understand that you are in a toxic environment. However, the hiring manager and others involved in the interview process don’t want to inherit potential issues. They will think it is you and that it is not the fault of your manager and your colleagues. It is not worth taking the risk of determining who is wrong or who is right. The hiring staff will politely forward your application and move on to other candidates.

You must work on yourself before you start looking for a new job…

even if you are relatively happy with your current job. You need to have a positive attitude and mindset that inspires confidence. Put aside any negative feelings and animosity. Do not carry it as a weight on your shoulders. Start your search with a blank slate. Forget about regrets, bad faith, or resentment that you might hold onto. You need to show positivity, confidence, drive, enthusiasm, and motivation.

Start thinking positively about yourself and your future.

Think about all the good things you have had in your life and all the times you’ve been successful. It will greatly improve your mood and suppress any negative thoughts or actions. People will notice it and you will gain even more confidence. During the interview, you will emit a positive aura. Reviewers will like you more because they want to hire and work with optimistic people who project the ability to do the job. This mindset will drastically improve your chances of getting hired. Once you are in the right frame of mind, the next thing to do is to focus on the essentials. Start browsing job postings to see what’s on the market. Send personalized summaries for jobs that you find exciting and you know you have all the skills and experience you need. It’s fine to reach a little for a higher-level job.

Spend some time researching companies that would be a natural progression for you in your career. Examine them to determine if they are working well or not. Visit the company’s careers page for a list of available jobs. Check with your network to find out if anyone has a connection to the company and whether or not they can introduce you.

Make sure your resume looks amazing and ticks all the boxes for recruiters. You can take inspiration from the many CV samples available on some professional CV creation services such as Cvmaker, Cvdaily, Cvboss. For example, many job seekers do not know how to write a CV in English. Read CVmaker’s tips for preparing an English CV.

Картинки по запросу "new job"

And even reading a short article on how to prepare an English CV will help you a lot.

Contact them recruiters in your area of ​​expertise. Ask trusted colleagues which recruiter they would recommend to you. If you know someone who got a great job, ask them for the name of the recruiter they used. See if these recruiters have relevant job postings posted on their site and online. Let them know about the jobs that interest you and explain why you are the perfect fit.

If you haven’t looked for a while, spend some time building a pitch. It is the art of telling your story in an enthusiastic, concise, and compelling way. During the interview, you will be focused and have a tight narrative describing who you are and why you are perfect for the job.

The combination of a strong and positive mental attitude, coupled with Rolling up your sleeves and working immediately on the basics of the interview, will help you land a great job.

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