Scooter delivery man: a form of self-entrepreneurship

Until now, most FoodTech startups have regularly requested the services of bicycle delivery agents. Now, we see that they are turning more to delivery people using an electric scooter, especially for performance reasons. Thus, the profession of scooter delivery man began to gain ground. Being a scooter delivery driver represents a real opportunity for you to become a self-employed person and work on your own account. Besides, various advantages are linked to delivery via an electric scooter and the actual use of this type of machine, compared to a gasoline scooter.

The electric scooter, to cover more distance

The platforms operating in the home meal delivery sector are increasingly using the services of electric scooter delivery people. Such a revival is understandable insofar as the electric scooter offers multiple advantages and also allows these companies to meet a growing need for performance. Likewise, it enables them to face competition. These startups, thanks to the services offered by scooter deliverers, benefit from an extension of their delivery areas, which now want to be more extensive.

As a delivery person, the use of an electric scooter is beneficial, as this machine allows you to cover a greater distance, without having to expend too much energy. Unlike a bicycle delivery man, for example, you are not faced with problems of physical fatigue. Also, you have no trouble covering long distances. This means you deliver more customers and earn more money, and what’s more when you’re subject to pay-as-you-go pricing, which prompts you to make as many deliveries as possible in a short period of time.

To do this, you need to find the ideal electric scooter. By making deliveries by scooter, you, therefore, benefit from two advantages: you deliver far and more frequently. You are thus more efficient compared to the bicycle and have nothing to envy other models of two wheels.

Deliver by scooter, conditions

If the company for which you provide your delivery services grants you authorization to deliver, it is important to note that this alone is not enough. In fact, the regulatory framework for electric scooter delivery has been strengthened, which leads to certain mandatory criteria. As the scooter is motorized, your journeys as an independent delivery person come under public transport, which is particularly regulated.

On this basis, the law requires you to obtain a certificate of transport capacity and a registration in the carrier regime, before you can legally make deliveries.

If you plan to deliver by scooter, you must undergo training for a fortnight at the end of which you take an exam attesting to your capacity to transport goods. Once your freight transport capacity has been verified, you must register with the register of carriers and lessors as a micro-enterprise.

After these mandatory formalities, we recommend that you ideally take out insurance to protect yourself, due to the risks associated with your activity. In general, the cost of such insurance remains affordable. The insurance options you choose could make a difference, however. Taking out electric scooter insurance is simple. We, therefore, recommend that you do this because you are not immune to a road accident.

Why prefer the electric scooter?

Compared to gasoline motorcycles, the electric motorcycle or scooter has a smaller ecological footprint. Gasoline motorcycles emit a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, as well as fine particles and nitrogen oxide. They are therefore very polluting. The electric scooter, on the other hand, does not know this problem and also offers you an autonomy adapted to your activity, since you can recharge it in half an hour.

Besides, we also draw your attention to your attention. on the fact that the electric scooter does not require much maintenance. Problems related to the distribution are not frequent, because the electric motor is placed in the rear wheel. Here, no chain or belt to maintain, no clutch or lubricating oil, even fewer oil changes. You will not have problems changing spark plugs or air filters or other oil changes. The electric scooter has only a few parts. As proof, its electrical part is made up of three elements: a motor integrated into the wheel, an electronic controller, and a battery.

Regarding the advantages linked to the delivery itself, it is appropriate to emphasize that you can afford to make night deliveries with your electric scooter. In fact, gasoline-powered motorcycles are known to make enough noise. You cannot, therefore, use them as part of your delivery activity, especially at night, at the risk of disturbing those around you and even the person for whom the delivery is intended. On the other hand, with an electric scooter, your movements are smooth and do not affect the tranquility of the neighborhood. Obviously preferable!

To these different advantages of the electric scooter, we must add the economic side. Gasoline motorcycles indeed consume a lot of fuel, while you only need to recharge your electric scooter to cover a long distance without risk. One point on which the electric scooter and the gasoline motorcycle are equivalent is that of repair. When you are the victim of a shock or a fall, in particular on the front wheel and the fork, it is obligatory to have your scooter repaired by a professional, just like a driver of a gasoline motorcycle.

Because of these different advantages, and the positive image that you convey to customers, we consider that the only requirement that is imposed on you before you start your job as a delivery man is to take the test required for this purpose and to register in the register of carriers.

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