How do you go about finding a job as a web editor?

We invite you to view millions of pages posted on the Internet. This is how the profession of web editor is divided into two. On the one hand, companies hire their own employees to write content that appears on the website. On the other hand, some hire experienced professional writers whether freelance or salaried.

Love of writing and no fear of investing

The web editor enjoys writing and is continuously involved. This one is concerned with spelling, grammar, and syntax. The writer has excellent writing skills, very good general knowledge, and a great command of the language. The exceptional qualities of a web editor are the ability to rewrite the same sentence and communicate emotions in different ways while using multiple words. His vocabulary is very rich.

Картинки по запросу "Web Writing"

Have a perfect knowledge and a good writing style

The writer has perfect knowledge and an excellent writing style. The web copywriter must have certain skills such as SEO, and a good understanding. It must above all respond well to customer requests. The web editor does not forget the goals he has set for himself and must really be passionate about writing.

Looking for clients

To find customers and regularly renew your customer portfolio, you have recourse to several facets such as characterization and determining your target which is the basis of the seller. Yourself as a web editor, you make yourself known. Expand your network, and leverage them. Do not neglect social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Viadeo. Plus, you encourage all satisfied customers to testify. Become an expert, and design great architecture with relevant content. Be aware that you can find clients for free on the Internet online.

Register on a writing platform

Freelance assignments for web writers

Register on a writing platform. Editorial platforms are a great way to start in this industry. Any copywriter at the start of their activity registers on professional platforms namely GreatContent, TextBroker, and TextMaster. These are the most coveted websites. Don’t think of professional platforms as a way to make a lot of money.

Jobs for web copiers

We have a lot of jobs for web copiers. Some recruitment sites offer vacancies. They themselves recruit SEO writers. Of course, the salary differs depending on your skills and experience. The gross salary starts from 1,700 going up to 3,450 dollars. The web editor, whether employed by an agency or a young start-up or even by a state administration, writes articles for all content for the various websites.

Contact the web editorial agencies

Telephone canvassing

You contact the editorial agencies. They are your best customers. These are essential when working on capital projects. The briefings are enormously enriching and we learn a lot from referring to these agencies. These allow you to progress. You learn by being in contact with agencies because most of the time, they work on important projects. These companies are very reliable and pay you on time.

How to choose the right one?

The choice is yours. We have a large number of editorial agencies in Paris. To find the 8 best agencies in Paris, we advise you to go to the Word Appeal site. These are specialized in writing and creating content on the web. The editorial agency helps you achieve your business goals and communication criteria. We recommend that you sign with the agency that you find most interesting you.

Sites that recruit web editors


Up Work is a recruitment platform created in 2015. It is designed to best respond to announcements. Its singularity is the linking of freelancers on the Internet only in the English language. Its main market belongs to more than half of the United States. Thanks to Up Work, you can work with the Internet and make ends meet.

Картинки по запросу "Web Writing"


Malt is an online marketplace that closely connects companies, start-ups, and independent digital workers belonging to the Malt Community group. It was created on February 26, 2013, and the head office is located in Paris. It has about 200 people. The founders are Jean-Baptiste Lemée, Lassiège Hugo, and Vincent Huguet. Thanks to the Malt platform, you have access to more than 200,000 registered freelancers. Thus, you will have chances of finding a job as a web editor. Whether you are freelance web copywriters, graphic designers, Front End developers, or freelance Data Scientists, Malt is the platform that helps you.


Indeed was created in November 2004 in the United States and founded by Rony Kahan and Paul Forster. We can find Indeed in several countries such as France, China, Belgium, Australia, and Austria. You get access to millions of offers. It’s a comprehensive job search engine. According to Google, Indeed has around 250 million unique visitors per month. Thanks to Indeed, you are informed about the profession of a web editor. The advertisements sites presented allow you to find a profession in web writing. Make word of mouth work. Talk about it around you. Have a relevant speech.

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