Home help, a professional sector of the future

Thinking of starting a home help business? Note that this sector is experiencing positive dynamics. Indeed, the demands in this area keep increasing. The population is aging, which means that many people become dependent and need help in their daily life. The establishment of personalized assistance for autonomy or APA has also made home help services accessible to all, whereas until then they were only reserved for wealthy people. The advance of technology also makes it easier for home assistants to work.

Experts say that the profitability of the sector should double within ten years because the French population continues to increase and those technological gadgets will enable companies in this sector to offer better quality services. To be successful in this highly competitive industry, you must be able to demonstrate your professionalism and effectively meet the needs of your clients. Discover our advice to make your home help business creation project a reality.

Choose the home help activity that suits you

the person encompasses all the services intended to facilitate the daily life of individuals. These can be classified into three categories:

  • Family services help families who need help with household chores.
  • The services of daily life allow assisting people in their daily life (maintenance and gardening work, paperwork, shopping, etc.).
  • The services for the elderly, dependent or disabled: to improve the daily life of fragile people by helping them with their household chores and their daily acts as well as helping them to get out of isolation. This home-based personal assistance service is more and more popular.

Be aware that some personal assistance services require approval, authorization, or making a prior declaration, including custody and support of children under three years of age, home support, and support for the elderly, disabled, or suffering from a chronic illness while traveling. You should therefore be well informed about this when choosing your activity. If a person decides to seek help for the elderly, for example, they will check your approval or authorization to ensure your credibility and your professionalism in this process of personal assistance.

Choose your status

Whatever type of home service you plan to offer ( family service, daily living services, services for the elderly, dependent, or disabled), the first thing you need to think about is the status under which you are going to operate. You have the choice between working as a self-employed person or opening a franchise.

The choice of the status of your company will impact your expenses, your taxes, your remuneration, and the development of your company. If you are alone, a microenterprise is a good option since its creation is simple, fast, and less expensive. It also involves low charges and reduced administrative, fiscal, and accounting formalities.

On the other hand, this status engages your personal assets in the event of a problem with your business. Opting for company status is a good alternative if you plan to develop your business over the long term.

Complete the formalities

The formalities to be carried out differ depending on whether you carry out an activity that requires approval or not. Without this, you will not be able to practice if you offer your services to fragile people including the elderly, children under three years old, and people with disabilities. On the other hand, if you want to do home support or small gardening, you will not need approval.

Besides, to increase your chances of finding clients, you can make a declaration. personal assistance with the DIRECCTE in your department. This will allow you to benefit from and pass on to your clients various social and tax advantages. Your customers will notably be able to benefit from a reduced rate of VAT, tax credit, or exemption from social charges. This declaration may also be necessary for the context of aids for the elderly.

Also, you have to know the difference between agent and provider in terms of personal assistance. If you are in direct contact with your customers, you are a provider. On the other hand, if your job is to put your customers and service providers in touch with each other, then you are an agent like the Ouihelp company, for example, which has carved out a good place in this area. You will be paid thanks to the connection fees.

Adopt the right methods to make yourself known

Once you have completed all the steps to create your business, you must now make yourself known. In this profession, word of mouth is very important. Indeed, it is more reassuring to hire a home assistant who has been recommended by someone you know. However, it is not very obvious when you have just set up a business. You can, however, ask your relatives to recommend you to their acquaintances who may need the services of home help.

Besides word of mouth, there are many others. means that allow you to make yourself known at a lower cost. social networks are an excellent way to establish the notoriety of your activity. Moreover, having a presence on social networks, but also forums, has become essential for all companies.

Do not hesitate to get involved in the creation of a site web company and to take the necessary steps to get traffic and thus have good visibility on the web. It is very easy today to start a business with a good design using free website builder tools such as WordPress. Then all you have to do is buy a domain name and pay your host. It will cost you less than 50 dollars.

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