Everything you need to know about the profession of independent home seller

Still called VDI, the profession of an independent home salesperson is one of the professions still coveted. It offers this category of workers many advantages. What does VDI’s job consist of? Who can practice it and what are the possible statuses? We will answer these questions.

VDI, how does it work?

The profession of an independent home salesperson consists of selling services and products through door-to-door sales. It is not necessary to resort to intermediaries, the independent home seller can address individuals directly. Like any other profession, VDI is regulated by the employment service and workers’ unions.

The independent home salesperson is free to practice in any sector and with the VDI status of his choice. These sectors include real estate, gastronomy, cosmetics and beauty, articles for babies and adults, etc.

VDI, a liberal profession

The essential advantage offered by the profession of VDI is that the worker can exercise it from his home, and this, at the pace that suits him. You can decide to work full-time or part-time. Moreover, the products you will sell are not influenced by the difficulties of economic or political instability. The status of VDI allows you to earn a salary resulting from your efforts.

Who can become a VDI?

The profession of VDI is accessible to everyone, from the simple student to the mother of a family, including retirees. You can thus adopt it as a secondary source of income because it adapts to any type of activity. However, you need to be dynamic, natural and love to connect with others.

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Which VDI Status to Choose?

There are different VDI Statuses, each with different characteristics and benefits.

Social status

When you are a VDI, you are considered an employee by social security and independence in the eyes of the tax authorities. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of social protection like any employee. Your company is responsible for paying your contributions and making the declarations each month. Besides, VDI workers have a commission and withholding slips at their disposal.

Contractual status

In this specific case, the VDI signs a contract with a company to sell products and services on behalf of the latter. This status allows you to work when you want.

VDI and unemployment

It is possible to be unemployed and to exercise the profession of VDI. This allows you to accumulate the number of your indemnities with that of your commissions. You can therefore sell at home after losing your job. In both cases, the accumulation of your unemployment benefit and your commission must not exceed the amount of your old salary.

VDI and retirement

It is quite possible to ” be retired and work as a VDI. You can thus accumulate your retirement pension and your commissions.

VDI and self-employed person

You can practice your personal activity in addition to the profession of VDI, on the condition of signing an agent-type contract.

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