Do you have the ideal profile to find a telework contract?

There are many, these employees who work from home. While in the past many employers were very skeptical of this way of organizing work which gives employees a great deal of autonomy, today the practice is gaining ground. What are the parameters that frame this working format? What are the profiles for which recourse to teleworking is possible? All answers in this article.

Understanding telework

The law defines telework as “any form of work organization in which work that could also have been performed in employer’s premises is carried out by an employee outside these premises voluntarily and using information and communication technologies ”.

Apart from the fact that you are isolated from a team which can be a source of emulation and support in the event of difficulties, teleworking has several advantages. You spend less on travel which can also be a major source of stress and your working hours become more flexible. Along with the autonomy you enjoy, teleworking allows you to develop a certain sense of responsibility for the mission to be accomplished.

Before submitting your case to a company, you can find out if this company offers a telecommuting job offer. In fact, teleworking can apply as soon as you take up a position or during the execution of the employment contract. It can be set up occasionally or permanently, at the request of the employee or of the employer. And it is not even necessary that the employment contract be changed. With a simple agreement of both parties, the employee can switch to telecommuting.

Who can be a teleworker?

To telework, it must be established that this mode of work organization will not constitute an obstacle to the performance of employee missions. Supervisors, trainees, and apprentices are therefore not allowed to telework since the very nature of their tasks is not compatible with telework.

On the other hand, we can use teleworking to make life easier for seniors, people with mobility difficulties, and employees in exceptional circumstances (strike, epidemic, pregnancy, disaster, etc.).

The rights of the teleworker

Being considered by law as employees, teleworkers have the right to social protection, occupational health, and safety, training, various social benefits, etc., on the same basis as employees present in the company. An accident that occurs while you are working from home will therefore be considered a work accident.

On the other hand, as a teleworker, you have priority to return to work within the company to a position that corresponds to your profile.

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The company may also be required to make investments in equipment within the framework of teleworking (computer hardware, office automation equipment, videoconferencing software, internet, and telephone subscriptions, etc.)

The obligations of a teleworker

As a teleworker, you also have obligations, the first being relating to the organization of your working time. Indeed, the freedom or autonomy conferred by teleworking should not prevent strict adherence to working hours. set by your employer. In this regard, employers are required to carry out a regular interview with their teleworkers to validate the activity and control conditions.

So, do you have the profile to telework?

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